Sunday Service

This Sunday is the Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost.

You can join us at 9:00am via zoom:
or by Zoom phone call: 301 715 8592 and ID 943 310 321 84.

How to use Zoom: Zoom Instruction for Christ Church Clinton

Download our bulletin here: The Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost Proper 20 September 20 2020 Final
The sermon is available on line.

You can join us for outdoors in person gathering at 11:30am (weather permitting)
Download our bulletin here: MP Season of Creation


In light of the developments surrounding the COVID-19 virus in this diocese, there will be NO indoors Sunday Services offered at Christ Church until further notice.
Worship will take place via Zoom / Zoom conference call every Sunday at 9:00am and outdoors at 11:00am.
The bulletins will be posted on line:


Starting September 6, we will gather on the deck in Cassandra Burton Fellowship Grove for a short service of prayer, centered on the Blessing of Creation and Healing of the World.
If you want to participate, please read and send back by mail or email only the Regathering Covenant you will find on the Diocesan website
The Regathering Covenant must be emailed or mailed to the church office.
As you come to worship, you will be asked to wear a mask covering your nose and mouth at all times during the service. You need to bring your own seat and keep at least 6 feet from all people who aren’t from your household.
There will be no music, no singing and no communion. There will not be a printed bulletin. The bulletin will be sent to you by email or downloadable on the church website.
The usher may ask you to sit on the parking lot, if the deck is full, according to the 6 foot distance requirement.
If you’re feeling unwell, have been recently sick or if a member of your family is sick, you are asked to stay at home.
The building will be closed and there will be no possibility to use the facilities, except in case of emergency.
The service may be cancelled at any time, due to weather concerns or safety issues. If you need to make sure the service is being held, please call Dave Jackson or Rev. Fanny.
In spite of all those limitations, we are looking forward to seeing you there. We hope you’ll enjoy this opportunity to worship on our beautiful grounds and see each other again (even if from a distance)!
Please note that the regular 9:00am service on Zoom/phone call is unchanged and will be held as usual.

CHRIST CHURCH CONFERENCE CALL INFORMATION. Christ Church has been assigned a phone number for free conference calls. The church conference call number has been changed. As of 07/26, the only number to join in for the service will be: 301 715 8592 followed by the ID 943 310 321 84 #. Press # a second time if asked to. Please join and invite your relatives, friends and neighbors.

REMINDER. Phone Conference and Zoom Etiquette:
1. Please do not announce yourself if calling in after the service has started
2. When you are not speaking, please place your phone on MUTE
3. When you are speaking, please speak directly into the phone for better reception
4. If two persons are on separate phones in the same room, please distance yourself in order to eliminate feedback
5. Be mindful that other people are also on the conference call…and can hear you.

TUESDAY EVENING BIBLE STUDY. A new course of Bible Study will begin this Tuesday, June 23rd, at 6:00 PM. We’ll discuss the readings for the next Sunday and then have a short service of prayer, called Compline. The readings are listed in the Sunday bulletin every week.
The meeting is on Zoom only – you can connect either from your laptop or from your phone. (Note: Joining Zoom from your phone is as simple as joining for church conference call on Sunday)
Use the following link:
or by Zoom phone call: 301 715 8592 and ID 943 310 321 84.

IMPERSONATION EMAILS. Please be careful if you receive an unusual email from Rev Fanny or from any other clergy person. If it does not come from the regular email address they use to communicate with you (check the address, not just the name), it’s very likely a scam. Don’t respond, don’t click on any link. In doubt, call or text the person or even send them another email using the regular address but DO NOT “REPLY” to their messages. Thank you!

THE BIG CONVERSATION SERIES. Many Wounds to Heal: Health Care (In) Equity –How does it affect me? will be held on Sunday, September 13, 2020 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm
online. What is a Big Conversation? A project of Middleham and St. Peter’s Episcopal
Parish in Lusby to bring the Southern Maryland community together to explore issues of
community concern. Since 2016, focus has been racism, with the steering committee
broadened to include key community organizations as Partners. It became the Big
Conversation Partners on Dismantling Racism and Privilege in Southern Maryland.
More information about the event will be available soon. If you would be interested in
exploring the event further, please contact Nancy Briggs, MD, FACEP at

Direction and Contact

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Priest in charge:
Rev. Fanny Belanger

Office hours:
Tuesday, Wed, Thu 10:00am-2:00pm

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