Newsletter March/April 2020

Sunday Service

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday.
There will be no worship at Christ Church.

Our worship will take place by Church Conference call.
The number is 605-313-4812. When prompted, please enter 941656.

You can also join us via zoom:

Download our bulletin: Pentecost Sunday, MP 2 May 31 2020
The sermon is available on line.

Read Rev Fanny’s letter to the parish


In light of the developments surrounding the COVID-19 virus in this diocese and our
neighbors in the Diocese of Virginia, Bishop Mariann has asked to call off all public
worship and public events.

There will be NO Sunday Services offered at Christ Church until further notice.
Worship will take place via conference call every Sunday at 9:00am.
The bulletin will be posted on line:

All church activities including Thrift store, AA, OA are canceled and the church doors are to remain closed. There is no office hours. The church staff is asked to work from home and the church volunteers are asked to suspend all their activities.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to Rev Fanny
by phone or email:
Cell phone: 571 431 9373


Christ Church has been assigned a phone number for free conference calls. This is the number to be used when inclement weather causes cancellation of a Sunday worship service or for church organization meetings. The number is 605-313-4812. When prompted, please enter 941656. Please join and invite your relatives, friends and neighbors.

REMINDER. Phone Conference and Zoom Etiquette:

1. Please do not announce yourself if calling in after the service has started
2. When you are not speaking, please place your phone on MUTE
3. When you are speaking, please speak directly into the phone for better reception
4. If two persons are on separate phones in the same room, please distance yourself in order to eliminate feedback
5. Be mindful that other people are also on the conference call…and can hear you.


NEW OFFICE PHONE NUMBER. The phone number for the Office has been changed. Please note that the new number is 301-917-9708. You may call during regular office hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 10:00am to 2:00pm, or leave a message.

IMPERSONATION EMAILS. Please be careful if you receive an unusual email from Rev Fanny or from any other clergy person. If it does not come from the regular email address they use to communicate with you (check the address, not just the name), it’s very likely a scam. Don’t respond, don’t click on any link. In doubt, call or text the person or even send them another email using the regular address but DO NOT “REPLY” to their messages. Thank you!